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All Aboard the Elf Express
Celebrating 10 YEARS of Christmas Magic at Quex!

Board the Elf Express this Christmas and immerse yourself in the Magic of the Elf Kingdom and Magical Elf Woods. Our elves need your help to prepare for the big day and can’t wait to welcome you to their world full of festive fun and magic!

With thousands of Christmas lights, sweet treats and unforgettable encounters with Santa’s top elves, the Elf Express is a unique and unrivalled interactive theatrical treat this Christmas. Now in it’s 10th year, the celebrations and fun will be bigger, better and more magical than ever before.


10 Years

Of Magic, Memories and Tractor Rides


Mud & Ruts, Fields Afar,
Elf Express, Let's Go Far!

First, hop on the Elf Express tractor for a bouncy ride from reality to the Magical Elf Woods. Upon passing through the grand Elf Doors, you'll find yourself fully immersed in the whimsical realm of the Elves. Encounter some larger-than-life characters inhabiting the Elf Forest, who may have delightful treats or exciting challenges for our young elves on their Christmas adventure.

With songs, dances, and a sprinkle of Elf Magic, everyone will enjoy learning to be Santa's little helpers before venturing down Candy Cane Lane and paying a visit to Santa's Farm.

Next stop: the Elf Kingdom, Santa's home, where you can mingle with more of his loyal Elves and even meet two of Santa's real-life reindeer. Then, ascend the ramps to the treetop village where you'll meet Santa in his woodland home.

If you've been nice this year, step into Santa's Toy Shop and pick out a gift from his marvellous collection. Finally, return to reality and indulge in the delights of the German BBQ, Festive Drinks, and other Christmas attractions. Why not wrap it up by booking a skate on our real ice skating rink, which is even bigger than last year!



Your ticket includes!

🎅  A Magical Christmas Experience for the whole family!

🧝  Real-life encounters with mischievous Elves in the woods.

🎺  An engaging interactive Elf Show full of surprises.

🎅  A memorable meeting with Father Christmas.

📷  Festive Photo Opportunities (professional photos available at additional cost)

🚗  Free Parking

Every Child Receives

🎅🏻  A Santa Hat

🍬  Sweet Treats like you've never experienced before!

🎁  A Gift from Santa's Toy Shop

Don't worry, every Adult ticket holder also receives a sweet surprise from the Elves themselves!


Ticket Options

Ticket Options
  • Do you offer a Family Ticket?
    For our larger events we do not offer a 'Family Ticket' as we recognise that families come in all different shapes and sizes!
  • What is a Flexi Ticket?
    Flexi Tickets can be fully amended up to 24 hours before your booking time via our helpful team and the booking amendment form. In the first instance we will look to reschedule your booking but if not possible a credit note will be offered to use within 12 months at Quex Adventure Farm Park. Flexi Tickets are limited to three amendments and are non-refundable. A move to a more expensive ticket or time slot will be charged the price difference. A move to a cheaper ticket or time slot will not be refunded. Flexi Tickets are also not subject to booking fees!
  • What is a Saver Ticket?
    Saver tickets are great if you have a fixed schedule and don't plan to change or cancel your visit. These tickets are non-refundable and cannot be cancelled. In the event of an amendment being requested, there is a £5 charge per ticket for each amendment. If an amendment is not possible because we are fully booked or you are unavailable, a credit note or refund will not be offered.
  • What happens if I can't attend my booking?
    If you have a Flexi Ticket, contact us up to 24 hours before via the ticket amendment form, and we'll help you move your booking if we have space available. Alternatively a credit voucher will be offered. A move to a more expensive timeslot will be charged at the difference in price. A move to a cheaper timeslot will not be refunded. If you have a Saver Ticket, unfortunately we will not be able to cancel your booking or provide a credit note or refund. If you would like to amend the time or date, a £5 charge per ticket will be levied in addition to any difference in price. If it is not possible to move your booking, a refund or credit will not be offered.
  • What happens if I am running late?
    If you are late, it is unlikely you will be able to enjoy the tractor ride as part of your experience. If you arrive within a reasonable timeframe we will endeavour to accommodate you as quickly as we can but there may be a wait. If you are late for the last session of the day we will unfortunately not be able to accommodate you and a reschedule or credit will not be offered.
  • Why have you introduced Flexi Tickets?
    We have previously been very flexible with our tickets which has led to tractors running with empty seats and lots of last minute amendments. To keep our prices as low as possible, we need to maximise the capacity on our tractor and as such cannot be as flexible whilst keeping prices low (in comparison to our national competition). The admin cost of ticket amendments is also high and as such we have introduced these different ticketing tiers, much like other travel and accommodation providers have done. We also believe this flexibility is unique when compared to tickets to other seasonal events and theatre.
  • Why are bookings after 4pm more expensive?
    Bookings from 4pm are significantly more popular as the thousands of Christmas lights are properly visible. Bookings from 4pm also include one of our signature light shows, complete with singing trees! For this reason there is an additional 50p charge for tickets from, and including, our 4pm time slot.
  • Why do you charge adults to join the Elf Express?
    The Elf Express experience operates with limited capacity for each session, and to ensure competitive pricing, we require a fee for adult participation. Adults are essential for the safety and enjoyment of children during the experience, as well as to share in the magical journey with them. Similar to attending a theatrical performance or pantomime, where seats are purchased for each attendee, charging adults allows us to maintain the viability of the Elf Express event while accommodating our limited session capacities.

Important Event Information

🕰️  If your Elf Express booking starts after 5:30pm we recommend you arrive early so that you can enjoy the Farm Park and our Food & Beverage Options as these may start to close from 7pm. The park will close for play at 8pm unless otherwise stated.

🌧️  Please dress for the weather, it can get quite cold and wet in the Elf Woods, and we want you to stay toasty! The event is fully outdoors.

👠  Please remember to wear your wellies or appropriate footwear. No one likes wet toes or ruined white trainers! Crocs are highly recommended to not be worn!

The trail is buggy and pushchair friendly but need to be collapsed on the tractor.

👶🏻  Please arrive at the Farm Park at least 30 minutes before your booked departure time to check in and get ready to go. If you miss your tractor you will need to walk to the start of the trail.

🚗  Parking is free and is in the front paddocks of Quex Park. Please follow the signs. It is a five minute walk from the Farm Park where the Elf Express begins.

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